Community, Library & Literacy Advocacy . By Maya Smart | August 28 , 2023

How a Milwaukee Summer Reading Program Builds a Better Tomorrow

Author Maya Smart reflects on fostering literacy & life success for kids Milwaukee & beyond with programs like Tragil Wade

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Literacy Skills, Early Language, Letters & Sounds, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing, Print Awareness, Parent-School Partnership, Books for Adults . By Fernando Bautista | August 02 , 2023

Happy Book Birthday to Me! My Parenting Book for Raising Readers Turns 1

Author Maya Smart reflects after year one of her parenting book for raising readers, Reading for Our Lives: A Literacy Action

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Maya's Favorites, Personal Development, Books for Adults . By Fernando Bautista | May 29 , 2023

How to Assess Your Child’s Development & When to Seek Help

Parenting author and literacy advocate Maya Payne Smart outlines a framework to follow when evaluating your child’s development

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Maya's Favorites . By Maya Smart | January 04 , 2023

Year in Review: How I Leveled Up in 2022

Literacy advocate and author Maya Payne Smart reflects on the many ways she’s working to empower and inspire our society to

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Social Emotional, Family Activities, Seasonal & Holidays, Personal Development . By Maya Smart | January 03 , 2023

How to Launch Your Best New Year with a Family Year in Review Keepsake

Complete this sweet family year in review exercise to reflect and start the new year off right with your

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Parent-School Partnership, Community . By Penny Leigh Sebring | September 12 , 2022

4 Top Reasons You Should Attend a School Board Meeting

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Maya's Favorites, Literacy Skills, Community, Author & Leader Interviews, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | September 02 , 2022

Event Recap: Reading for Our Lives Book Launch Party with Milwaukee Public Library

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Maya's Favorites, Social Emotional, Community, Author & Leader Interviews . By Maya Smart | September 05 , 2022

Women’s Storybook Project: Connecting Kids with Moms in Prison through the Love of Books

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Parent-School Partnership, Community, Diversity & Inclusion . By Contributor | August 08 , 2022

6 Steps to Choose the Best School Options for Your Child with Special Needs

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Author & Leader Interviews, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | January 16 , 2023

This Boy We Made: In Conversation with Author Taylor Harris

Literacy advocate Maya Payne Smart interviews Taylor Harris, author of This Boy We Made, A Memoir of Motherhood, Genetics and

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