Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | September 09 , 2015

On Protesting Whitewashed Reading Lists

Instead, I found the same old, same old: an overwhelmingly white and male list.  It featured just three women authors —

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Parent-School Partnership, Community, Diversity & Inclusion . By Maya Smart | October 21 , 2015

How To Address Misleading History in Texas Textbooks

I had the honor of participating in a lively discussion on HuffPost Live recently about an outcry over the misrepresentation of

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Community, Diversity & Inclusion . By Maya Smart | November 09 , 2015

Nonprofit Spotlight: Why I Support Breakthrough Austin

I appreciated the opportunity to speak at Breakthrough Austin’s Beat the Odds Benefit. I shared my newcomer’s perspective on

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Kids Books, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | November 25 , 2015

Into the Go-Slow

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Personal Development, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | December 09 , 2015

Big Magic

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Personal Development . By Maya Smart | January 08 , 2016

How to Organize Your Greeting Cards Because You Care

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to express appreciation for the people in your life–if you can pick one up before the

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Literacy Skills, Early Language . By Maya Smart | April 08 , 2016

Are You Raising a Reader?

It’s hard to know where a parent’s work ends in supporting children’s academic achievement. Witness the helicopter parent

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Author & Leader Interviews, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | April 09 , 2016

New Fiction Confab to Feature Kaitlyn Greenidge, Virginia Reeves and Maya Smart

Please join me on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the John Henry Faulk Central Library, 800 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX for the New

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I, Too, Arts Collective

Hi, I’m Maya, and I’d love to tell you about the I, Too, Arts Collective. This is a new non-profit initiative being

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Austin Writers Resist: A Counter-Inauguration

I was honored to stand with Austin’s writing community and writers across the country for an evening of rapid-fire

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