Personal Development, Community . By Maya Smart | February 18 , 2014

Time or Money: What Do You Give and Why?

Years ago, I volunteered with an understaffed nonprofit that struggled to recruit hands-on board members willing to pitch in

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Personal Development, Community . By Maya Smart | February 19 , 2014

Finding Tomorrow: Experiences in Black Leadership Trailer

I was honored to join a group of Richmonders that Marc Cheatham of The Cheats Movement assembled to discuss black history and

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NCAA Men of March: Shaka Smart (Full Video)

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Community, Author & Leader Interviews . By Maya Smart | April 01 , 2014

How Tamika Lamison (Founder of Make a Film Foundation) Makes Things Happen

Most of the women I’ve interviewed on this site are very successful in a traditional sense. They’ve worked hard, climbed the

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Personal Development, Community . By Maya Smart | April 22 , 2014

How Jenny Holmgrain (Founder Camp Kesem VCU) Makes Things Happen

Jenny Holmgrain is a college student who is busy mounting her first camp, as the founder and co-director of Camp Kesem VCU. While

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Maya's Favorites, Kids Books, Literacy Skills, Early Language, Community, Diversity & Inclusion . By Maya Smart | May 30 , 2014

We Need Diverse Books to Build Character through Characters

As I watch the #weneeddiversebooks hashtag fly on Twitter, I’m reminded that seeing some element of yourself reflected in the

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Maya's Favorites, Community . By Maya Smart | June 04 , 2014

Service to Others: The Gateway to Leadership?

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How Emily Elliott (Principal, St. Edward-Epiphany Catholic School) Makes Things Happen

When Emily Elliott’s oldest child Charlie was ready for kindergarten, she followed him to school, literally, taking a job as a

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Do your habits match your expectations?

I gave the Senior Convocation Address for Richmond Public Schools this year and I count the experience among the great privileges

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How Angela Patton (CEO of Girls for a Change) Makes Things Happen

Angela Patton captured the hearts and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of online viewers with a TED talk describing an

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