Kids Books, Literacy Skills, Letters & Sounds . By Maya Smart | June 05 , 2023

How to Choose the Best ABC Books for Preschoolers 

When it comes to teaching the ABCs, not all alphabet books are created equal. This post tells how to pick ABC books for

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Kids Books, Diversity & Inclusion . By Chrysta Naron | May 15 , 2023

10 Children’s Poems by Black Poets You Should Know (And Love)

Discover 10 fabulous children's poems by black poets to fill your child’s bookshelf with beautiful and diverse

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10 Awesome Beach Picture Books for Kids that Will Jumpstart Summer Fun

Discover thoughtfully curated and diverse beach picture books that will transport you to the seaside and get the whole family

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12 Toe-Tapping Picture Books For Your Little Music Lover

Get into the groove with these 12 vibrant picture books for kids who love

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Kids Books, Family Activities . By Chrysta Naron | February 06 , 2023

11 Delicious Picture Books About Cooking for Kids (Plus Recipes!)

Whip up some great storytimes with these picture books for kids who love cooking. Your child will find recipes in each one,

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18 Picture Books Written by Celebrities Worth Reading to Your Child

Sharing books by people your kids admire is one more way to motivate kids to read. Get started with these excellent kids’ books

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Kids Books, Literacy Skills, Letters & Sounds, Spelling . By Chrysta Naron | December 26 , 2022

How to Teach Your Child Silent E with 8 Wonderful Picture Books

Discover how to teach silent E, then help your child practice reading silent E with these beautiful picture

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Kids Books, Literacy Skills, Early Language . By Chrysta Naron | December 05 , 2022

12 Wonderful Wordless Picture Books to Read Your Child (& Why You Should)

Discover the benefits of wordless picture books and a dozen fabulous titles by diverse authors to get you

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Maya's Favorites, Kids Books, Social Emotional, Community, Diversity & Inclusion . By Contributor | October 10 , 2022

10 Picture Books that Foster Body Positivity and Self Love

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Kids Books, Books for Adults . By Chrysta Naron | October 03 , 2022

Girl Power Picture Books: 11 Female Authors for Your Child’s Bookshelf

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