Blackademics TV Season 11 at the Carver with Author Maya Payne Smart

In February, I traveled to Austin to record a talk for Blackademics Season 11 on PBS. I spoke about one of my favorite topics: the incredible power of parents’ loving words to impact the life trajectory of their children.  Designed to introduce black scholarship to new audiences and communities, this season of the show featured talks on a range of topics, including the lives and labors of black women athletes in the Age of Jim Crow, how to establish healthy food and exercise habits one day at a time, and lies about the Alamo (pretty much everything you’ve heard about it). Reach out to your local PBS affiliate to make sure they air the show this spring

Blackademics Television (BTV) is a nationally broadcast PBS show that brings intellectuals together from around the country during black history month to discuss various topics. This Black History Month the BTV filming is in the Carver’s Boyd Vance Theatre.