Parents League of New York Book Talk

Maya’s book talk for the Parents League of New York was wonderful! Sharing an excerpt from Reading for Our Lives, Maya provided families with six practical tools for nurturing their childrens’ reading success. Relatable, warm and generous of spirit, Maya imparted helpful frameworks for building kids’ oral language skills and navigating developmental milestones. Our families were engaged, excited and appreciated her actionable advice, making Maya Smart, a speaker not to be missed!

Barbara Scott, Executive Director, Parents League of New York

It was a pleasure to do a Reading for Our Lives book talk with the Parents League of New York. I read a passage from the book and shared a number of practical ways to nurture literacy in the years before kids enter school. The coalition of parents and independent and private schools supports families and children by providing a broad range of educational and parenting resources from birth through high school. The engaged attendees asked wonderful questions about book recommendations for different ages, children’s literacy standards, and how parents can become better readers. Visit to register for upcoming public events.