The Coalition for Literacy Equity (CLE) works to ensure that all children have access to books and reading culture. Through programming, advocacy, research, and collaboration, we promote lifelong literacy for enjoyment, engagement, and empowerment.

Book Access &
Reading Engagement

With 32 million American children lacking access to books, book distribution and donation is a linchpin of our work. When young readers own diverse, reflective texts, we increase the likelihood that they will embrace lifelong reading.

Community & Collaboration

We aim to unify the nationwide network of interdisciplinary programs that provide books to children and caregivers. We harness the collective energy to move the needle forward in addressing our nation’s literacy crisis.

Policy & Advocacy

We strive to increase awareness of current inequities in book accessibility so as to advance research, policy, and advocacy.  As we produce and apply research, we embrace best practices, evaluate our work, and expand our reach.