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Parents are often said to be kids’ first and best teachers. The “first” part is guaranteed, but the “best” part must be earned. Don’t worry, though. As a parent, you’re perfectly positioned to teach your child to read—or, more accurately, to raise your child to read. 

That’s because the necessary brain structure, comprehension, and skills develop from day one (well, even before) and continue developing day by day, week by week thereafter. And you have what teachers and tutors don’t have: years with your child. 

You also have your own unique strengths to take advantage of along the way—once you know what they are. Each parent brings different experiences, quirks, and approaches to raising a reader. Together, I call these our raise-a-reader superpowers, because once we understand what we’re bringing to the table, we can learn how to leverage it to go from “first teacher” to “best teacher.”

So, what’s your raise-a-reader superpower? I’ve created a fun and easy quiz to find out.

Get Customized Next Steps for Raising Your Reader

After taking the quiz, you’ll understand how to build on your strengths to help your child become a reader (or a better and better reader). You’ll also get clear next steps for raising your reader, tailored to your personal profile, along with personalized must-read resources—so you can play to your strengths.

Who Should Take the Raise-a-Reader Superpower Quiz?

Whether you feel confident about raising a fantastic reader, or you have no idea if you can handle the job… Whether you look forward to helping your child read, provided you can sort through the reams of advice and information out there… or you dread tedious worksheets and flashcards… This quiz is designed to help you jumpstart your child’s literacy journey in a way that’s fun, easy, and natural to you—and rooted in evidence, drawing on the latest research. 

I know you’re busy, and researching the best tools, teaching, and techniques for your child takes time. So I’ve done the heavy lifting for you, gathering resources that fit your superpower type, to help you help your child become a thriving reader. When you take the What’s Your Raise-A-Reader Superpower? quiz, you’ll understand your strengths (and maybe even your kryptonite!), so you can support your child toward success.