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“The Seder nights … tie me with the centuries before me.” —Ludwig Frank

Every spring that approaches brings with it another Passover—another week to spend with family and friends marking this Jewish holiday that has existed for thousands of years. And what better way to help children learn and celebrate than with a good book? This roundup of Passover kids’ books will answer questions about the story of Moses and the Israelites, explore the importance of tradition, take readers on wonderful adventures, and teach children how to help with the family Seder.

Board Books about Passover

Passover is Coming! by Tracy Newman

Told in rhyme, this book is a delightful introduction to the most common practices of Passover. It shows a family preparing for the holiday and enjoying all of the food, traditions, and celebrations. (If you like this book, Tracy Newman has a series of board books about other Jewish holidays as well!)


Dayenu! by Miriam Latimer

This board book illustrates the traditional Passover song, “Dayenu,” with bright pictures and a melodic retelling of the Passover story. It’s a lovely title to introduce your child to this classic song that is over 1,000 years old.


Passover Family by Monique Polak

Monique Polak has made a truly adorable contribution by using photographs in her book about Passover. In it, you see an extended family laughing and gathering to celebrate. Photographs are wonderful tools for capturing infants’ and toddlers’ attention, so I highly recommend adding this book to your shelf!


Picture Books about Passover

More Than Enough: A Passover Story by April Halprin Wayland

This sweet story shows a family preparing for Passover and a special guest! Throughout the shopping, cooking, eating, and playing, your child will see the word dayenu, or “it would have been enough,” reminding them that each part would have been enough, but all together, it’s even better.


Welcoming Elijah: A Passover Tale with a Tail by Leslea Newman

Welcoming Elijah was awarded the 2021 National Jewish Book Award for Children’s Picture Book and it’s easy to see why. Inside a warm house with lots of food, a boy is at his family’s Seder. Outside, a small kitten explores and waits. By the end of the night their paths will cross, with some help from Elijah.


The Story of Passover by David A. Adler

Are your children curious about why people celebrate Passover and why it’s important? Then this is the book to read. It tells the tale of Moses from infancy through leading his people out of slavery to freedom. Its clear language and bright pictures help children understand the story and its significance.


Passover Activity & Cook Books to Share with Kids

Matzah Meals: A Passover Cookbook for Kids by Judy Tabs and Barbara Steinberg

The title says it all. This cookbook contains recipes for all the yummiest parts of your Seder. Written in encouraging, kid-friendly language, your youngest chef will be eager to jump in!


Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook by Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is a prolific author, with over 350 books to her name. Many of them are children’s books, including the “How Do Dinosaurs” series. Beyond Passover, this book features Jewish fairy tales, folktales, and traditions. Each is accompanied by a recipe, written by her daughter Heidi E.Y. Stemple. And who doesn’t love a good snack while they read?


The Kids’ Catalog of Passover by Barbara Rush and Cherie Karo Schwartz

This book holds a whole host of fun Passover activities to do with your child. There are songs, crafts, games and (you guessed it) recipes to help bring Passover alive in new and different ways for your family.


What are your favorite books about Passover?