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And did you know that dogs can be comforting, receptive audiences for children who need practice reading aloud? Furry friends make great listeners. They never interrupt with corrections like well-meaning parents and siblings sometimes do.

So the next time you do a read-aloud with your kids, invite your pets along to listen. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can still enjoy these picture books about puppies to warm your heart and teach your children about our furry friends—and maybe grab a stuffed puppy for your audience.

Please, Puppy, Please

by Tonya Lewis Lee and Spike Lee

What happens when high-energy toddlers encounter a high-energy puppy? Follow the adventures of kids and their pup in this memorable story that’s sure to remind you of great times with your four-legged friends.


Norman, Speak!

by Caroline Adderson

This comical story follows the adventure of Norman, an adopted dog that won’t respond to commands or even his own name! A chance meeting at the park reveals why: He understands Chinese instead of English! How will the family adapt?


Puppy Princess Sheba Goes to Africa

by Fatu Forna

Princess Sheba is a fun, but naughty puppy that loves to travel the world. Follow along as she explores the beautiful continent of Africa.


Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me

by Eloise Greenfield

Thinker is no ordinary puppy: He (along with his owner) is a poet! But Thinker has to remain silent, so his secret isn’t revealed to the world. How will Thinker keep his secret hidden when it is Pet Day at school? Follow along as Thinker and his human turn the world around them into verse.


The Perfect Pet

by Christine Platt

Join Ana and Andrew as they conduct research in choosing their perfect pet! As they settle on the pet and decide on a name for it, they learn a powerful lesson about skin color and judging others.


Charley's First Night

by Amy Hest

This charming book tells the story of Charley’s first night home after being adopted. Although rules are set clearly as to where Charley can go and sleep, that quickly changes. This story is a great illustration of what happens when a new puppy comes home.


I Want a Dog

by Jon Agee

This charming story stars a young girl that goes to an animal shelter for a specific request: a puppy. But this unusual animal shelter has all sorts of different animals, like aardvarks, lizards and geese!


Clifford the Small Red Puppy

by Norman Bridwell

Many of us are familiar with Clifford the Big Red Dog. But he wasn’t always the huge dog we know and love. This book showcases his days as a small red puppy—but no matter his size, his heart is huge!

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