Reflect on Your Child's Development

  •  A guide to literacy milestones, so you know what to expect and watch for at each age and stage of your child’s development
  • An introduction to my powerful GPS framework for investigating and responding to your child’s development and individual needs, plus a worksheet to support you step by step
  • A printable Reading For Our Lives Journal to track your notes and progress, complete the exercises from the book, and jot down your observations—all in one convenient spot

Nurture and Teach Reading

  • Resources for teaching your child the alphabet (not just the song, but the letter shapes and sounds, and crucial knowledge that kids need years to develop before kindergarten)
  • A tip sheet introducing what to look for in picture books for your baby or young child, plus a selection of vetted titles to get you started
  • A list of recommended spelling resources for parents who want to learn more about word origins and pronunciation
  • A video tutorial presenting how to pronounce English letter sounds, plus tips on introducing them to kids

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