This is How You Learn to Love Your Hair

Natural hair loveDear Zora,

This is how you learn to love your hair in a world that requires such lessons. First, you remember who gave you that glorious head of curls–your parents, your ancestors, your Creator. Then, you care for it like a treasured inheritance.

Loving your hair, like loving your family, your days, your life, requires two things: reverence and effort. To truly love your hair, you must hold it in high regard and you must behave like you do. As you behold it in a mirror or touch its willful strands, you must pause to consider what it does for you and to define what it means to you. Then you must treat it accordingly.

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Posing Beauty

John W. Mosley, Atlantic City, Four Women, c.1960s

  The most magnificent drama in the last thousand years of human history is the transportation of ten million human beings out of the dark beauty of their mother continent into the new-found El Dorado of the West.  They descended into Hell; and in the third century … Read More


Love Is In the Mix

Love Is In the Mix | Kate Gosselin

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