My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey

When I was born on September 14, 1980 in Ravenna, Ohio my Afro was, in large part, unremarkable. It was expected. It was natural. At that stage in life, my hair was my own and was simply viewed as a threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis. No one would have termed it a political statement or seen it as a representation of racial pride. It was simply the natural curl of a baby’s hair, uncorrupted by public perceptions, deeper meaning or Johnson’s baby shampoo.

Over time, however, my hair would gain greater significance. As I aged and styles changed, it would become the subject of much scrutiny, ranging from beauty shop banter to the public discourse on race in America. It would become relevant in job interviews, determine my acceptability in certain social circles and become an external manifestation of my self-perception.

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The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

If you only read one happiness book, let this be the one. Written by a serious psychological researcher, “The How of Happiness” eschews the usual laundry list of quick fixes and instead offers a unified theory of sustainable happiness, backed by empirical evidence and sound … Read More

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