How Katie Meyler Fights for Girls in Liberia

Katie MeylerMonths ago, I interviewed Katie Meyler, founder of a nonprofit devoted to getting girls off the street and into school in Liberia. I was so impressed by her story, and the magnitude of her efforts to serve destitute girls, that I held onto my notes, intending to write a long feature about her.

The former education reporter in me wanted to collect more data, visit the school, interview students, and see for myself the impact this one passionate woman makes. In short, I wanted to write something that would do Katie’s work justice.

Then Ebola hit and I learned never to put off sharing a good story as soon as I hear it. Below is a Q&A from my call with Katie. (Better late than never!)

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Make Everyday a Play Day

Maya Smart Halloween Photo

“We’re in a society where we have to justify play. But play reminds you of your better self and how happy you can be.  In play, there’s a wonderful lightness of being.” --Nadia Stieglitz, founder, Mice At Play Normally, I’m not a big Halloween person, but this year I felt … Read More


Ask Maya: Self Care vs. Self Absorption

Ask Maya: Self Care vs. Self Absorption

Dear Maya, How do you stop putting everyone else's needs and happiness before your own, yet still be considered a caring person/mom? “Selfish” in Seattle Dear “Selfish” in Seattle, I wish I had a magic solution for this one, but the truth is that there’s not much you … Read More

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