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Welcome to the September edition of Smart Story Time! 

Keeping new books in the mix keeps family reading time fresh for your child (and you), as well as introducing them to new subjects and vocabulary. That’s why we curate some of our best recommendations for diverse picture books around timely topics each month. We hope this inspires you to find some awesome new-to-you reads for your child at your local library or independent bookstore. Here are some topics to delve into with your child this month:

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Kids’ Books

Also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival, this holiday is traditionally celebrated in many parts of Asia, including China, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The day is based on the Lunar calendar and happens each year sometime between September and October. It’s a celebration of the Autumn harvest and takes place (as you might have guessed) at night! Families gather with lanterns, mooncakes, and starfruit to celebrate together. 

September is a great time to read about this long-standing tradition with your kids, so check with your local library for some good books, or read about a couple of lovely picture books about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival recommended by early childhood educator Chrysta Naron—just follow the link and scroll down.

Picture Books about Rosh Hashanah

The start of fall also brings Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days—one of the most important times of the year in Judaism. It’s a time for adherents to reflect on their actions of the past year, consider any times they may have harmed others or done wrong, and think about how to improve themselves and the world around them in the coming year. 

Your library should have lots of relevant reads on hand, and you can also check Chrysta Naron’s top picks for children’s picture books about Rosh Hashanah, compiled in the same post about awesome kids’ books for fall holidays that’s linked above.

Children’s Books about Fall Sports

Does your little one enjoy playing or watching ball sports? If you’ve got a budding fan/athlete in your home, reading books about their favorite sports may be a wonderful way to engage them in books and support their interests. 

This fall, browse our lists of great picture books about soccer and picture books about football. You’ll find lots of fun and inspiring reads, plus plenty of lessons about teamwork, resilience, perseverance, and chasing your dreams.

Comic Books & Graphic Novels 

September 25 is National Comic Book Day. Why not use the occasion to hit the library or bookstore with your kiddo to browse some graphic novels? These days, comic books stretch way beyond the superhero wam-pow-smack variety (though you’ll find plenty of those, too!), and they can be a really fun way to engage young readers of all ages, levels, and interests. If you find some you love, email me to let me know your recommendations!

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