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As a parent, the time you spend with your child—reading aloud, chatting, and interacting in countless ways—is pivotal in helping them develop and thrive as a reader, writer, and thinker. From teaching your child the alphabet to playing rhyming games, you instill crucial knowledge and skills through fun, playful time together. Best of all, it builds your relationship, too—and can even help you feel happier and more fulfilled.

That’s why each month we share a special list of featured reads and literacy activities. Expect fun seasonal reading recommendations, complemented with activity tutorials and free printables for an all-out story time experience with your little one.

Kids’ Books for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! It’s a good moment to highlight and celebrate the groundbreaking contributions women have made to our world. From blazing new trails in meaningful fields to embarking on monumental careers as inventors, authors, athletes, and so much more, women have made a tremendous impact in society. 

It’s never too early to learn about how women have shaped the course of history. If you’re looking for some empowering books to enjoy with your child for Women’s History Month, check out contributor Karen Williams’s picks for inspiring picture books by and about a diverse set of amazing women. You also won’t want to miss early-childhood-educator Chrysta Naron’s piece on 11 fabulous female authors for your child’s bookshelf

Ramadan Picture Books

Ramadan is one of the most important times of year for Muslims, a holy month of fasting, prayer, and introspection that’s meant to help believers strengthen their faith, self-control, gratitude, and compassion for the less fortunate. As contributor and early-childhood-educator Carlene Murray writes, children are exempt from fasting, but they can engage in introspection and cultivate these same qualities through thoughtful shared reading, including sharing Ramadan books for kids.

Murray offers a selection of children’s books about Ramadan to share with your little ones, whether to teach them about their own cultural and religious heritage or to introduce them to another tradition. Note that Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic year, which is slightly shorter than our Western calendar, meaning the event happens at a different time each year. This year, it begins in early March.

Kids’ Books About Easter

Then, at the very end of March, Easter is coming up! Your local library should have plenty of picture book titles for the holiday to explore everything from egg hunts and world traditions (did you know not every country invokes an Easter Bunny?) to the Easter story. Complement them with our Easter-themed literacy activities & crafts:

Books to Welcome Spring

Did you know that being in nature can help kids learn better, may combat ADHD as effectively as medication, and can soothe stress? So welcome the springtime and inspire your little nature explorer by reading about all the growth and new life happening at this time of year—and then go out and see it for yourself.

Try this sweet bird-watching activity for preschoolers (and don’t miss the great picture book recommendations at the end). You’ll also want to take a look at our list of picture books about gardens and gardening to teach your child about nature and where our food comes from. Then consider starting your own garden together, even if it’s just a single tomato plant on the windowsill!

Story Time Activity: Literacy Soccer

Soccer literacy game image

Kid can’t sit still? Don’t make them! With the weather getting warmer, you can practice reading or pre-reading skills while you toss or kick a ball around together outside. Just find an old soccer or playground ball, grab a sharpie, and follow these tips to teach your child to read with a DIY soccer game.

We’ll be back next month with our guide for what to read to your child in April. Meanwhile, go ahead and browse around the site for more tips and tutorials. We’re so happy to have you here!

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