Personal Development . By Maya Smart | September 23 , 2014

My Natural Hair Journey

When I was born on September 14, 1980 in Ravenna, Ohio my Afro was, in large part, unremarkable. It was expected. It was natural.

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Maya's Favorites, Kids Books, Literacy Skills, Early Language . By Maya Smart | January 21 , 2015

Books: The Greatest Gift of All

I think books need some cheerleading these days as gift options for kids. They aren’t (usually) shiny, they don’t (hopefully)

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Parent-School Partnership, Community, Diversity & Inclusion . By Maya Smart | October 21 , 2015

How To Address Misleading History in Texas Textbooks

I had the honor of participating in a lively discussion on HuffPost Live recently about an outcry over the misrepresentation of

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Kids Books, Books for Adults . By Maya Smart | November 25 , 2015

Into the Go-Slow

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